Regulatory consultancies Detergents






  • Updates on legal aspects
  • SDS (Drafting and compliance control)



  • Labelling (assistance in drafting the normative text)
  • Product sheets for public consultation
  • Medical cards for first aid centers


  • Notifications at ISS and European centres (PCN/UFI)
  • Notifications at Anti-poison Centres
  • Assistance for the fulfillment of obligations foreseen by the Seveso European Directive and control of risks of major accidents


  • Auditing of suppliers and organization of quality control campaigns
  • Evaluation and document analysis of raw materials and formulations
  • Assistance for legislative compliance of non-EU countries
CLP, REACH, ISS, CAV, UFI, Poison Centres, PCN, Audit, Schede prodotti, Conformità, Etichette, Label, SDS