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IFS HPC certification is increasingly relevant for cosmetic and chemical companies and increasingly requested by large-scale retail trade from their suppliers. It ensures access to new market opportunities and strengthens consumer confidence.


IFS HPC certification: Chimica HTS is the strategic partner to obtain it

But what exactly is IFS HPC and why is it important to obtain this quality certification?

The International Featured Standard Household and Personal Care (IFS HPC) is a standard that certifies the safety and quality of products and processes for companies producing cosmetics and household and personal chemical products. These companies operate in accordance with the accredited IFS HPC certification, implementing a product safety and quality management system, as well as adequate production processes. In other words, the IFS HPC ensures that cosmetic, perfumery and hygiene products meet rigorous standards to ensure consumer safety and quality.

The complete IFS HPC consultancy service that Chimica HTS offers prepares companies producing cosmetics, household and personal chemical products to comply with IFS HPC standards and be ready to obtain certification.

Our consultancy begins with an initial assessment to identify compliance with IFS HPC standards and continues with the definition of targeted corrective actions. We then verify the implementation of corrective actions and conduct a final assessment to ensure that compliance rates are in line with required standards.
In this way, companies will be able to satisfy the market's growing demands for quality, transparency and traceability.

Our goal is to ensure that our customers achieve and maintain the high IFS HPC standards, thus consolidating their position in the market.

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Why rely on Chimica HTS for the IFS HPC consultancy service?

Chimica HTS is a reliable and competent partner in the quality certification consultancy sector. With over 20 years of experience, Chimica HTS offers complete support to companies in the chemical and cosmetics sector, assisting them in all phases of the certification process.

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