Research and Development

As Chimica HTS, we support companies in the development of cosmetics, detergents and other chemical preparations through the identification of ingredients, their correct formulation, product tests, prototyping and production support. We always consider formulas and ingredients sustainability, the regulatory compliance of the solutions, the needs of the company and market trends.



Cosmetics and detergents research and development

The highly qualified and multidisciplinary team, the technical-scientific experience developed within our laboratories and the innovative and reliable tools we use make us the reference point for companies wishing to create cosmetics and detergents or evaluate current solutions.

Product formulation

We develop complete detergent and cosmetic lines, from the identification of innovative and quality ingredients to the creation of the perfect chemical formula based on requests. Once the formula has been created, it will be sampled and tested internally.

Eco / Green / Sustainable Formulations

Our focus is always on eco-design and natural and sustainable raw materials, which thanks to the perfect combination of the elements result in quality finished products with a high degree of innovation and performance. We also develop formulas according to the Ecolabel criteria, allowing them to be certified.

Claims sustainability assessment

Companies wishing to communicate the sustainability of their cosmetic and detergent products through claims must guarantee the truthfulness and feasibility of these. We support you in the evaluation of claims according to the provisions of ISO / IEC 17029.

Product performance analysis

Whether it is the product under development or an existing one, we can test it to evaluate its efficiency and correct any defects, thanks to the close collaboration with the LabTest certified laboratory.

Chemical safety assessment

Chemical risk refers to the negative effect on people's health caused by contact with chemical agents. The Chemical safety assessment estimates the safety level of substances in the workplace for the protection of workers or in products intended for common use for the protection of consumers.

Production scale-up

After identifying the best formulation based on functionality and sustainability criteria, we support companies in optimizing all the parameters involved for a large-scale reproducibility of the process and in finding a qualified supplier / production partner.

Other services

• "lab scale" prototyping
• Production of samples for consumer tests
• Packaging development in collaboration with dueO
• Assistance in the choice of ingredients and suppliers
• Quality audit at customers and suppliers
• GMP support
• Search for suppliers / subcontractors

For marketing

• Market analysis
• Support in the product design phase
• Claims supportability

development and sustainability consultancy:

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