Ecolabel consultancy and environmental certifications

Environmental certifications have become not only an added value but a responsible choice for improving environmental sustainability. There are several but the best known is the Ecolabel certification.


Ecolabel: The Green Revolution in Industry

But what exactly is the Ecolabel and why should every industrial company aspire to obtain it?

EU Ecolabel is an eco-label recognized at European level, which identifies products and services with a low environmental impact throughout their life cycle. Established in 1992, it is based on scientific criteria that consider the use of resources such as energy and water, the production of waste and the impact of chemical substances. Ecolabel certification is a voluntary eco-labelling that guarantees not only high performance, but also the protection of the environment and consumer health.

Chimica HTS actively participates in the Ecolabel working groups, in which the certification criteria are discussed and defined. Thanks to twenty years of experience in Ecolabel, Chimica HTS can assist companies in all the steps necessary to obtain this increasingly widespread and recognized environmental certification.

We can assist you in the evaluation and support you in the request in any application sector, following you step by step in eco-labelling and in the request for mandatory and voluntary certifications, such as EU Ecolabel certification, Nordic Ecolabel, Icea, Cosmos, etc...

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Why rely on Chimica HTS for the Ecolabel consultancy service?

If your company is ready to take the big step towards certified sustainability and wants to stand out for its true environmental commitment, it's time to act. Contact Chimica HTS today to start your journey towards the Ecolabel. Find out how our tailored consultancy can transform your ecological footprint into a recognized brand of excellence.

Because when it comes to the future of our planet, every action counts.
Trust Chimica HTS to make the difference.

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