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The insidious phenomenon of greenwashing and the importance of having truthful green claims are issues to be addressed without delay to take a strategic step towards sustainable innovation.


The Green that is Worthy

How to avoid incorrect environmental assertions, observe the new directives and highlight the sustainability of your products thanks to the Greenmarketing support services offered by Chimica Hts.

What is Green Marketing?

Green marketing is not limited to the promotion of eco-friendly products or services; it is an overall business philosophy that embraces sustainable practices at every stage of production, distribution and communication. Chimica HTS offers support to corporate green marketing strategies, guiding them towards an authentic green transformation, highlighting how each product or service can become more sustainable, in compliance with current directives on the matter.

The Greenwashing Alert

Greenwashing, a deceptive marketing practice used to appear more eco-friendly than they really are, represents a serious threat to consumer trust. Identifying it and avoiding it is essential; a genuine commitment to sustainability requires transparency and concrete actions, rather than mere superficial statements.

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The Importance of Green Claims

Green claims, i.e. statements regarding the low environmental impact of products or services, when they are truthful and supported by recognized certifications, can represent a significant added value. Recently the European Commission is also implementing two directives to enhance green claims and combat the phenomenon of greenwashing. The published EU directives in fact specify in detail what will be considered greenwashing, effectively prohibiting the possibility of making "green" claims without adequate and proven scientific support. The entry into force of these directives is expected in a couple of years, but it will be necessary to start verifying the environmental claims of your products and services now to avoid running into problems.

Chimica HTS, in addition to other sustainability assessment services (Ecodesign and LCA/sustainability indices) and support in obtaining environmental certifications (Ecolabel), offers the Green Marketing consultancy service to help companies formulate reliable green claims and to verify its compatibility according to the new EU directives.

Our Green Marketing consultancy service

Environmental claims require increasingly solid support, which can be obtained through detailed and specific analyses, the use of environmental certifications and officially recognized eco-labelling. In this way it is possible to develop clear, effective and truthful environmental claims, which are the subject of increasingly strict regulations and regulatory requirements.

Our service consists of supporting companies as a strategic partner in the preparation and verification of environmental claims, social and ethical assertions relating to innovative products and services, in compliance with national and European Union regulatory guidelines and references.

life cycle assessment lca, analisi ciclo di vita

Why rely on Chimica HTS for the Green Marketing service?

In the current context of environmental sensitivity, green marketing proves to be not only an ethical choice but a winning strategy. Relying on an expert partner like Chimica HTS means embarking on a path of authentic and responsible sustainability, distancing ourselves from the phenomenon of greenwashing and contributing to a greener future. The company that chooses the path of sustainability with awareness and integrity is destined to emerge in a market that is increasingly attentive to environmental impact.

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