Chemicals Regulatory Consulting

Our experience in the regulatory field helps companies to achieve and maintain full compliance with the requirements of international regulations of chemical products such as detergents, biocides and dangerous preparations.



detergents, biocides and dangerous preparations regulatory

Chemical preparations must ensure compliance with complex European and global regulations relating to production and industrialization, according to Regulation (EC) No. 648/2004. As Chimica HTS we can support you in the development of new products or in the regulatory evaluation of existing ones.


The CLP (Classification Labeling and Packaging) regulation ensures that the risks associated with certain chemicals or mixtures are classified and clearly communicated. We support you in the evaluation and classification of chemicals.


The REACH regulation (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization of Chemicals) ensures the highest level of safety of chemical preparations. Thanks to the team of experts we can assist you in the evaluation, verification and registration in compliance with the legislation.

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Pursuant to the regulations currently in force (such as REACH, CLP) we will take care of checking and evaluating the compliance of chemical preparations and the preparation of safety data sheets


Depending on the regulations in force, we check the labeling requirements and assist you in drafting the regulatory text and claims for the label of detergents and chemicals.


Centralized notification in electronic format is required for the placing on the market of the products. Our team will support you in all the practices to make these notifications to centers such as PCN / UFI, ISS and CAV.

GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) procedures

The support service to good manufacturing standards includes the drafting and implementation of practices according to ISO 22716 for all chemicals and detergents, as well as the assessment and inspection of the production plant.

Regulatory support outside the EU

Support with legislative compliance in non-EU countries

Other services

• Updates on legal aspects
• Auditing of suppliers and organization of quality control campaigns
• Evaluation and documental analysis of raw materials and formulations
• Training for companies
• Assistance in the fulfillment of obligations under the Seveso European Directive and control of the risks of major accidents
• Product sheets for public consultation
• Cards for medical use for first aid centers
ADR and Dangerous Goods Transport Support

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