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Let's work together for sustainability

Each product or service can be made more sustainable and provide a strategic advantage to the company through the efficient use of resources and the optimization of processes. Our skills can support you starting with the sustainability assessment of the raw materials available and the choice of the most sustainable ingredients for your products. Thanks to the sustainability indices and environmental certifications, it is possible to analyze, evaluate and document the impact of goods and services within a circular economy, in order to promote a sustainable future and development.

Our sustainability services

We support you in the development of the best cosmetic or detergent products tailored for you based on requests and needs, to achieve the set goals together.

Creating a chemical product requires a great deal of effort and in-depth knowledge in different fields: raw materials, packaging, production system, regulatory compliance, etc. As Chimica HTS, we can accompany you along your path, to be your point of reference and bring a sustainable, innovative and performing product to birth.

PHASE 1 - Concept & Brainstorming

Do you want to realize your chemical product idea?

The initial phase, necessary for the creation of any cosmetic or detergent product, is the conception, supported by the brief in which claims, concepts and ideas of ingredients will be proposed, fundamental factors to define the feasibility of the project.

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PHASE 2 - Development of the formula and prototyping

Have you chosen the right ingredients for your product?

Once the objectives to be achieved have been defined, the research and testing phase of the ingredients can begin. Based on the chosen elements, the most effective cosmetic or detergent formula is developed and the first prototypes are proposed in the laboratory, including any product performance requirements (claim support). It is also possible to develop sustainability databases of raw materials available to companies, identifying and classifying them according to sustainability indices to help in the formulation and development of sustainable products.

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PHASE 3 - Regulatory Affairs

Are your products compliant with regulations?

Based on the type of product, the necessary actions are carried out for compliance with current regulations, such as the development of the label, the control of the regulatory requirements, the editing of the necessary documents (SDS, PIF, etc.) and the notification of the products. (PCN, CPNP, UFI ...). The necessary support is also offered for BPR / biocide / PMC registrations and for non-EU sales with other international regulations. For cosmetic products we can assume the role of Responsible Person and we also support companies in the transport of dangerous goods and ADR.

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PHASE 4 - Sustainability Support

Sustainable development: do your products respect the environment?

We support companies in the assessment of sustainability indices and in requesting certifications for the sustainability claims of their products. We also offer the opportunity for Ecodesign development, in order to create products with a limited environmental impact during their entire life cycle and contribute to sustainable development.

PHASE 5 - Quality Support

Can you guarantee the highest quality of your solutions?

New or existing product must guarantee high quality standards, especially if the good is for the well-being of the person. This is why we verify compliance with certain requirements, such as good manufacturing practices (GMP), and we take care of auditing the production plants, risk assessments andand to provide support in case of complaints or inspections.

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PHASE 6 - Industralization Support

Are you ready to sell your products?

Once the various steps for the realization of the final product have been completed, this can be adjusted in the formula according to the requirements and characteristics of the manufacturer. We provide assistance in finding the most suitable suppliers for your needs, based on the volumes and the quality and sustainability standards set.

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PHASE 7 - After Sales Support

Do you want to keep your products and your company updated?

Once the product is on the market, we will be present for dedicated regulatory updates and it will be possible to organize a technical and regulatory training course to strengthen the company's internal knowledge. We can also offer support for claims assessments and carry out market research, benchmarking and consumer testing in collaboration with our partner company, Labtest.

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