Sustainability of products and processes

There is no development without sustainability. Not only the birth of new modern companies but also the growth of existing ones is closely linked to the degree of innovation and sustainability. This represents not only a moral obligation but also a legislative and regulatory requirement promoted under the European Commission's Green New Deal.


How to make an environmental and social need a competitive advantage?

Environmental challenges, whether voluntary or mandatory, can represent a strategic opportunity for companies that set themselves social and environmental objectives, which consists in the creation of long-term value, through the following services:


It is possible to design a product from birth according to sustainability criteria with the aim of improving its environmental performance throughout its life cycle. Thanks to our experiences and multidisciplinary know-how, we are able to offer a complete Ecodesign service, but also support in the creation of a database of ingredients classified according to sustainability indexes.

Ecodesign is a product and process innovation strategy, a real technical design (or redesign) with sustainability as a common goal in terms of:
•greater efficiency in the use of material resources and energy
•generation of minor environmental impacts in the production and end-of-life phases of a product
•use of bio-based materials or materials more respectful of human health


In particular, towards the cosmetics and detergents and chemical preparations sector we offer:
• R&D support through the creation of the database of ingredients / raw materials available, classifying them according to sustainability indexes that allow for the formulation of more sustainable products in the development phase.
•a 360° Ecodesign service which concerns the development of products starting from the integration of environmental aspects already in the product design phase and right from the first stages of conception.

ecodesign basato sulla sostenibilità di prodotti e processi

Sustainability analysis

To improve environment and people, companies producing goods or providing services must analyze the current situation, evaluating the production life cycle and possible alternatives capable of decreasing the environmental impact of the entire development process .

We can support you with the assessment of sustainability indices such as LCA, Carbon Footprint, Water Footprint, EPD (Environmental Product Declaration), PEF (Product Environmental Footprint), etc.
In particular, the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a tool for assessing the potential environmental impacts of a product or process along its entire life cycle. This method makes it possible to evaluate the consequences on the ecosystem that surrounds it.

We can carry out the LCA analysis for products, services or processes in each application sector, in order to evaluate their level of sustainability and all the possibilities for improvement. Life cycle analysis is essential for identifying the process phases that have the most negative impact on the environment. It is necessary to compare different development processes to evaluate the most sustainable one.

life cycle assessment lca, analisi ciclo di vita

Green marketing

Products environmental performance claims are increasingly controlled by European and national authorities, aimed at combating the phenomenon of "greenwashing". An increasingly solid support will be required for environmental claims, obtainable through sustainability indices or the use of officially recognized environmental certifications. It will thus be possible to develop clear, effective and truthful environmental claims, subject to increasingly strict regulations and regulatory requirements.



Ecolabel is the European Union brand (EU Ecolabel) which distinguishes services and products with low environmental impact while guaranteeing excellent performance. Ecolabel is a voluntary ecological label based on the environmental impact of goods and services throughout their entire life cycle. Chimica HTS actively participates in the Ecolabel working groups, in which the certification criteria are discussed and defined, as a technical consultant of SME United (European association of SMEs).

We can assist you in the evaluation and support you in the request in any application sector, following you step by step in the request for mandatory and voluntary certifications, such as Ecolabel, Nordic Swan Ecolabel, Icea, Cosmos, etc... In particular:

EcoBioControl is a brand proving a path to improve the environmental performance of a cosmetic product or a detergent. EcoBioControl is owned by Fabrizio Zago, owner of Chimica HTS. The evaluation method is based on 10 criteria and supported by free and free to use ingredient control apps.

certificazioni ambientali di sostenibilità ecolabel ecobiocontrol etichettatura ecologica

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