Our new website is online

Complying with regulations and promoting sustainable development is essential nowadays. For this reason we have decided to renew our website and communicate our corporate philosophy in a clear and effective way.

We have also integrated a new newsletter service dedicated only to our customers, to ensure that they can stay constantly updated on news and legislative changes regarding cosmetic products, detergents and chemical preparations, and therefore always comply with the regulations, without risking sanctions.

In this way, we will work even more closely with companies, to support them in the development of sustainable and compliant products, with the aim of achieving the objectives set, in compliance with high quality standards and through an agile working methodology focused on the customer's needs.

The services are presented according to our 5 macro areas of activity:
•    Sustainability
•    Research and development
•    Cosmetics Regulatory Consultancy
•    Regulatory advice on detergents and chemical preparations
•    Consultancy of Freight Transport Regulations

To find out more, start browsing our new website!

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